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About Course

Amazon Web Services technology is not only easy to learn in cloud computing but also faster to implement. This AWS certification course is accessible for both corporates and individuals. Pick up the focused business advantage by benefiting our cloud courses. We put stock in quality learning and fast actualizing at our Cloud computing training.

In our Amazon Web Services Training - AWS course, we offer career-oriented and practical training to accelerate the authoritative development. Our qualified faculties have the best showing aptitudes, and whatever they do is work dedicatedly to give the best of them. Having years of involvement in cloud computing organization, we serve our people from all point of view. Beginning from a basic review, we give a total voyage through our course and preparing bundles.

The course begins with an overview of the AWS platform before diving into its individual elements: IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, Snowball, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB, Redshift, Auto Scaling, Cloudwatch, Elastic Cache, CloudTrail, and Security.

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate course is designed to help aspirants gain good understanding about AWS cloud services and its architectures. 80% of this course includes practical sessions where participants will be given tasks to perform labs and scenario based exercises on live AWS environment.

Course Overview

Amazon Web Services is considered as far reaching, developing cloud computing platform. It is sometimes called as cloud services or remote computing services which give unique customer side applications. The business execution can be found in an unfathomable route with a minimal effort variable.

IT Skills AWS certification course in Bangalore establishes the framework for adding specialized skills in cloud computing to the desired applicants. Candidates will leverage subject skills in both basic levels as well as advanced level. This AWS training is intended to give in-depth subject aptitudes with Industry-Centric methodologies in each module with practice sessions. Industry Experts who have sound subject learning in the AWS field will convey AWS Course with State of workmanship study materials and lab sessions.

IT Skills provides Amazon Web Services Training with required significant skills with technical and business benefits. AWS Training helps the wannabes to watch out a considerable measure of openings for work in current IT Industry. Constant Support Sessions are guaranteed in AWS certification training with cost effective scheme.

Objectives of the Amazon Web Services Certification Course

After completion of the AWS Certification Course from IT Skills Training Services you should be able to:

* Learn efficient design and deployment of AWS sysytem

* Evaluate costs and provide mechanism for cost controll

* Understand data ingress and egress to and from AWS

* Identify relevent and suitable uses of AWS architecture

* Lift and shift mechanism of AWS on-premises applications

* Determine right AWS on basis of computational, database and security needs

* Get trained for the AWS certification from Amazon

Who should go for Amazon Web Services Certification Course?

Amazon Web services Course is Best suited for :

* IT professionals

* Business Analyst

* Designer Engineers

* Software Developers

* Engineering Teams

* System and Network Administrator

* Solution Architect

* Programmers

* Graduates

Prerequisites for learning Cloud Solution Architect Certification Course

Aspirants who want to make a career in AWS must take Amazon Web Services Training and Certification. Basic understanding of cloud computing concepts and knowledge of computing platform environment and networks will be added an advantage.

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    Module 5: AWS Storage types

    • Introduction to AWS Storage
    • Understanding S3, S3 RRS, S3 IA
    • Creating an S3 bucket
    • S3 Version Control
    • S3 Life Cycle Management with Glacier
    • Understanding EBS
    • Understanding EFS and Ephemeral Storage
    • Security and Encryption with storage
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    Module 6: Working with EC2

    • Understanding Server Virtualization
    • Introduction to EC2 Types
    • Creating and working with the first EC2
    • Understanding Volumes and Snapshots
    • Understanding and Creating AMIs
    • Using IAM roles with EC2
    • Using Boot strap scripts
    • EC2 Placement Groups
    • Understanding AWS LightSail
    • Creating VPS on LightSail
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    Module 7: Security Configurations

    • Creating Network Address Translators
    • Configuring Access Control Lists
    • Configuring Access Control Lists
    • Amazon VPC and Creating Public/Private Zones
    • Creating Internet Gateways
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    Module 10: Databases on AWS

    • Understanding AWS Database Services - RDS
    • Launching an MySQL Database
    • Connecting to MySQL
    • Introduction to DynamoDB
    • Introduction to Redshift
    • Introduction ElastiCashe
    • Introduction to Aurora
    • AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)
    • Database Schema Conversion Tool

Key features , Why ITST

Classroom Training Weekend batch

40 hours Live Training (Hours each day spread over weekends)

Practical and certification oriented training.

Pre-Assessment Text, Quizzes, assignments & projects, Mock Test, Practice test,

If you are not able to understand any of the topics or if you miss any of the class you are most welcome for the next batch

We cover Real time scenarios in training

Batch Size will be 12 Candidates.

100% Money Back Guarantee*

Course Completion Certificate by ITST

Affordable and accessible hands-on practice on Digital Marketing

Secured payment process.

700+ professional trained across, AWS, Big data, and Many more IT Industry

Training with Classroom facilities

Accredited, Highly Experienced and Certified Instructors

Leader in providing individual & corporate training

The best interactive audio, video, and LVC tools

24/7 Support via Call/Chat

Sharing additional knowledge data through ITST blogs

Tips and Techniques to understand the subject to the core by the Trainer

Our Trainer share relevant and practical scenarios from their own experiences

ITST is situated close to heart of the city which is helpful for the students to travel with ease.

(Refund in case of non-satisfaction on the first day of the class)

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    Who should attend?

    • This course is a must for anyone willing to pursue a career in AWS cloud computing. This course does not mandate having programming experience or knowledge of any other cloud technologies. However, it is expected that participants to have basic knowledge of servers, Operating Systems and Data center Networks.
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    Who are the instructors?

    • We believe in quality & follow a rigorous process in selecting our trainers. All our trainers are industry experts/ professionals with an experience in delivering trainings.
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MAY 28th2018

9.30 AM - 6.00 PM


INR: 25000