Digital Marketing Certification Training

With more than 350 Million Internet users in India by 2015, Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in Advertising Industry Digital Marketing has a shorter learning curve helping enthusiasts to quickly upgrade and be effective in their organization growth Digital Marketing is expected to be a $20 billion opportunity by 2016

About Course

Why Digital marketing?

Traditionally, Marketing use to happen by TV, Radio and Print Media. Looking at the statistics, they were not the effective medium with only 18% of TV ads generating positive ROI & with 90% of population skipping the ad where possible. Radio has a declining audience with most people listening from their cars and no option to act immediately. Newspapers also has declining audience with shelf life of just one day & ads in magazines are expensive with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Now, take a look at the statistics available for Digital Marketing or Online Marketing like web, email, social media. Web generated 3 times more leads as traditional marketing and costs 60% less Email has delivery rate of 96% and open rate at 30% with average click-through rate of 4.5%. Click through rate are the prospects who are willing to buy your offerings. Social Media: 72% of the adult internet users in the U.S are active on at least one social network, so they are potential customer mix you would like to target

How to create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing is still a mystery to lot of companies, they still think its creating a great website. If you have a great website and a great product, and if nobody knows about it & hoping somebody will stumble upon it .... you don't get success in business. What you need is to create awareness and get the people come and see your products. Digital Marketing offers you the best opportunity to do that. Fist look at what is best medium to reach the target audience ... online video, social networks, email marketing, blogs which can spread message more quickly.

Course Overview

Digital Marketing certification training by IT Skills Training Services is degined to understand the holistic picture of Digital Marketing

The course covers the concepts of:

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Learn SEO covering in-depth on topics such as on-page & off-page optimization, link building

* Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Learn SEM to advertise and increase leads, Compare the benefits of SEO vs SEM

* Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Target the market using Social network sites like Facebook, Tweeter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest and other sites

* Web Analytics - Analyze and improve online marketing performance

* Email Marketing - Send 1000's of emails, generate leads & convert to sales

* Content Marketing - Content is the key, learn content marketing strategies to enhance SEO

* Mobile Marketing - Understand the role of Mobile in Online Internet Marketing Strategy & measure the impact of Mobile Marketing

* Affiliate Marketing - Internet advertising that allows online business to affiliate with publishers & generate traffic, leades and sales to businesses online.

Who can attend

* Sales and Marketing professional

* Digital Marketing Professionals

* Entrepreneurs

* Students/Graduates willing to take up Digital Marketing Career

* Anyone looking for a career in Digital Marketing

Course Content

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    • Introduction to SEO
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Off-Site Optimization
    • Duplicate Content
    • Keyword Research & Competitive Intelligence
    • Design & Architecture
    • Local SEO
    • SEO Measurement
    • Understanding Crawlers
    • Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines
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    • Introduction to PPC
    • Account Hierarchy
    • The Buying Funnel
    • The PPC Auction
    • PPC Targeting Options
    • Keyword Research
    • Creating Compelling Ads
    • Measuring Goals & Bidding Options
    • PPC Audit
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    SMM & Online Reputation Marketing

    • Introduction to Social Media
    • Social Media Channels
    • Engaging with Influencers
    • Listening & Reputation Management
    • Social Media Measurement
    • Integrating Social Media with Other Disciplines
    • Profiling Online reputation Management activities
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    Email Marketing

    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Spam
    • The Mailing List
    • Elements of an Email
    • Email Measurement
    • Marketing Automation
    • Email & Other Disciplines
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    Content Marketing

    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
    • Content Marketing Tactics
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Content Marketing Budget & Measurement
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    Mobile Marketing

    • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
    • Mobiles Role In the Integrated Marketing Mix
    • How to Find and Communicate with Your Mobilized Target Audience
    • The Mobile Users Expectations
    • The Importance of Permission, Personalization, and Relevance
    • Mobiles Rules, Regulations, and Best Practices
    • Staying Abreast of Ever-Changing Technologies
    • Mobile Marketing Measurement
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    Web Analytics

    • Introduction to Web Analytics
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Segmentation
    • Qualitative Data
    • Experimentation & Testing
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Campaign Tracking
    • Organization
    • Multi-Channel Attribution

Key Features

32 hours of high quality training

Trainers are Industry experts & working professionals

Comprehensive up-to date contents

Exercises & Hands-on assignments

100% Money back guarantee

Course completion certificate

How are the classes conducted?

Class Room Training

Instructor-Led online Training

Online Self learning

Money back Guarantee

If you don't like the training, inform us after 1st session. 100% money will be refunded with no questions asked

Group Discount

10% discount for 3 or more registration

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    Do I get certification?

    • After completing your CSM course, you will receive an email from Scrum Alliance that includes a link to create your login credentials.
      You will use those credentials to gain access to the Online CSM Test. Once the test is complete, you will be asked to accept a license agreement. You will then receive the official designation of Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) from Scrum Alliance, along with a two-year membership with Scrum Alliance.
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    Who are the instructors?

    • We believe in quality & follow a rigorous process in selecting our trainers. All our trainers are industry experts/ professionals with an experience in delivering trainings
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    What if I miss the online class?

    • You will get the recording of the session and also you can attend the session from the next batch. you can contact help for next batch details.
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    What are the pre-requisites for the course?

    • There are no pre-requisites to do online Digital Marketing course. However a fair ideo on the working of Internet and search engines would greatly help. You can attend the Free Online Digital Marketing course Introduction from
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    How do I learn Digital Markeing /Online Marketing course online?

    • Once you enroll with IT Skills Training services, our support will contact you with all the details to access online Digital Marketing training courses / Online Internet Marketing training Course. The classes will be organized by online class room facilitator as per schedule. Trainer will guide you to install and run various programs in the live webinar for easy understanding. Detailed document on installation will be emailed to you. Take the classes from the conveniance of you home, officie or anywhere you prefer.
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Date:Sep 30 - Oct 01,2017 (Weekend)
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


INR 30,000
INR 26,000 + GST